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Our Story

Greenleaf Lawn was founded by Jamie Nix and Josh Mathias. As friends, they teamed up to change the way people think about what lawn care services could and should be. Both Tulsa natives have both been working in the lawn care industry since 1998. Since that time, Greenleaf Lawn has become the lawn service of choice for leading companies such as Mathis Brothers, Feline Specialties, Klein Tools, Slim Chickens, and others in and around the Tulsa metropolitan area.

Nix graduated from the University of Tulsa and has a great passion for agriculture. Jamie knows that, as the first thing people see, a person’s lawn is a representation of their home. He is detail-oriented, and enjoys seeing the progressive improvement of his customers’ lawns, almost as much as he enjoys their pleased reactions! He is happily married with a new baby and devotes his time to the study and improvement of his craft. His goal is to bring the best quality service to every home and lawn in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As the president of Turf Enhancement, Mathias is focused on making sure that Greenleaf customers receive the best lawn care, every single time. Josh is happily married with two children. He is known for his outgoing personality and has a local reputation as the “Fastest Weed Wacker in the South.” With his skill and knowledge in turf enhancement engineering and weed control he is one of the main reasons why Greenleaf Lawn has been so successful.

Greenleaf is truly a local, family business. When you call our office, the person at the end of the line is none other than Josh’s wife, Caroline!

A Cut for the Kids:  As local parents, both Jamie and Josh are passionate about the schools here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is the very reason why they have set up the “Cut For the Kids” program. Greenleaf donates a portion of all the revenue made from any new services to the classrooms of local Tulsa kids. You can find out more information about this program by calling today. In 2015, we were able to donate $2,000 to local classrooms!